The View Restaurant & Wine Lounge

Posted on May 17, 2011


It’s easy, isn’t it? Any reasonably good restaurant can produce gourmet cuisine, can’t it? Import a few expensive food items, cook them up in the kitchen, arrange artistically on a plate and … voila! There you have it. A license to charge over-the-top prices for average fare to unsuspecting diners. But then, of course, you have the ‘real’ thing …

And the appropriately-named The View restaurant and wine lounge, at the opulent KC Resort & Over Water Villas, is a perfect example of a place that serves casual gourmet cuisine – the right way. Hardly surprising when you learn that the three main characters behind the show: General Manager – Andreas Kraemer; Executive Assistant Manager, Food & Beverage – Martin Hohn; and the Executive Chef – Khun Rangsan Bunma, all have impressive backgrounds of working in some of the world’s finest gourmet restaurants in top-flight hotels.

For them, not only is the creation of an exciting gourmet menu an integral part of their business, it’s also something they take an enormous amount of pleasure in doing – and it shows! Every single dish here has been meticulously thought over, tried and tested long before it reaches you, the diner. Flavour and texture combinations, integration of the world’s best produce and, of course, excellent presentation have all been honed to perfection (there’s even a healthy and organic food selection featuring many of Samui’s home-grown herbs, fruit and vegetables). And here are some examples of what you can expect at The View.

For starters, two of my personal recommendations are the amazing Larb Gai Roll comprising chicken, shallot pickles, ribs of romaine, smoked mayo and crafted ketchup, and the Rice Porridge with fried Chinese street bread, pulled chicken, scallion, ginger and caramelized shallots.

And, for main courses, do try the simple sounding but delicious Chicken: Breast & Leg with potatoes, sour mushrooms and potato broth, or the intriguingly named Rueben, consisting of corned beef, cabbage and onion sauerkraut, emmentaler and waxy potato. Either, alone, will make the trip to The View well worth it.

And when it comes to desserts, it would be hard to find another restaurant on the island that goes to such lengths to ensure that this course is also a major gourmet experience. And both the Warm Chocolate Cake & Coffee Coolant with gianduja, kopi luwak, chocolate polvoron and frozen passion-fruit, and the Sticky Cinnamon Bun with Jaggery, pecans, vanilla and mango prove my point perfectly.

With an ever-increasing wine collection of excellent vintages from around the world and an eclectic drinks and signature cocktails list, The View certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to complementing gourmet cuisine (there’s even a good range of top quality cigars, too). But a total gourmet experience doesn’t just mean the wining and dining. Where you actually eat and drink is a major factor, too, and the restaurant’s décor and general ambience has to match. And at The View it certainly does.

“… and The View restaurant is a perfect example of a place that serves casual gourmet cuisine – the right way.”

There’s seating for 30 inside the elegant restaurant itself and room for a further 20 on the outer terrace with an amazing view overlooking the mountains on one side and Chaweng Bay on the other, with the scene being sprinkled with twinkling lights at night. And before-and-after dining you can spend time relaxing in the adjacent Wine Lounge, probably the most sophisticated and comfortable bar on Samui, and a great place for enjoying The View’s excellent range of piccolinis (mini-pizzas) or even your whole meal, which many do.

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