TAT launches “SMILE LAND” Games on social networking media

Posted on June 27, 2011


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched the first two of five new social-media game applications designed around two of the country’s iconic images – the speeding trishaw known as the tuk-tuk and the extremely popular Thai food.

Branded as “Smile Land,” which also capitalises on Thailand’s well-known personality trait, the Thai smile, the games are targetted at the millions of young people using Facebook and smartphones, and will go a long way towards expanding the kingdom’s tourism visibility amongst this billion-strong, techno-crazy demographic segment.

Addressing a launch press conference at Digital Gateway, in Bangkok’s popular shopping centre Siam Square, Tourism Authority of Thailand Governor Mr Suraphon Svetasreni, said, “TAT has initiated an active digital marketing strategy in order to promote and strengthen the image and positioning of Thailand’s tourism industry. Digital is the new media to reach the Internet and smartphone users, all of whom are well-educated with high income levels.


“In 2010, TAT enjoyed considerable success in promoting Thai tourism through online marketing. Our efforts are also being recognized — we are particularly proud to have received the PATA Gold Awards 2011 on Marketing; Primary Government Destination “Amazing Thailand social networking.”

Currently, there are over 200,000 fans of the “Amazing Thailand” Facebook and followers of Twitter @ThailandFanClub (for foreign tourists) and @Go2Thailand (for Thai travellers). In December 2010, the TAT launched the “Amazing Thailand Mobile Application” in the platform of iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad and Nokia. Since then, the TAT has tracked over 20 million hits and over 200,000 downloads.

The latest to be launched are the “Smile Land” games through Facebook, which has more than 700 million users. In addition, mini-games will be available on iPad, iPhone and other smartphones. Users will get to accumulate points and win gifts. The first two games to be launched are:

1st Game: “Tuk Tuk Racing” This game is to find the best tuk tuk driver. Players need to drive a tuk tuk to the final destination as fast as possible. On the way, there are many obstacles that players must overcome and can draw on the help of a wizard.
2nd Game: “Somtam Sukjai”is a Thai-cooking game. It is designed for iPad users only and can be downloaded from an iPad Apple store. Players become the “chefs” and need to find and select the correct ingredients as listed on each menu within a fixed period of time.These two games are available for playing as of today.

Another 3 mini-games to be available in September 2011 are “Muay Thai” for iPhone users to find the best Thai boxers, “Siam Tempo” for users of smart- phones with an Android application and “Siam Fun Fair” for users of the Nokia smartphone.

In each of the games, players need to dress up an “Avatar” character in their own style and search for the items to complete the mission across over 200 various tourist attractions. Aside from being fun, it will also build a great experience and create more awareness of the value of Thailand’s tourism.

Mr Suraphon said, “The launch of “Smile Land” is another important step forward in the TAT’s digital marketing strategy. TAT is expecting these “Smile Land” games to be extremely popular among tourists. We expect to reach more than one billion potential target users worldwide, expand our databases from 500,000 to one million by the end of this year, and increase the frequency of use and access to TAT’s social networking media and mobile applications.For further details on “Smile Land”,
please check out www.SmileLandGame.com, www.facebook.com/SmileLandGame and twitter@SmileLandGame.
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