Air Australia Phuket bound

Posted on November 3, 2011


Australia’s newest airline has revealed its new-look livery, flight attendant uniforms – and promised to bring a fresh approach to affordable air travel in Australia.

Air Australia is not exactly new – it’s a reincarnation of two year old Strategic Airlines which plans to retire its red, white and blue brand, its unremarkable original name and its old ‘full service’ business model from 15 November.

“Simplicity, value, operational integrity, genuine fares and service are our promise and all that we believe many Australian travellers want in order to get safely and enjoyably from A to B,” said CEO Michael James.

The Australian-owned carrier says it wants to position itself as an alternative to large corporate airlines.

“Air Australia will avoid the massive product complexity of larger airlines as we do not want to be strapped down to charging our passengers ever higher fares to cover ever escalating costs,” he said.

“Many of our staff and advisors have extensive airline backgrounds and we have seen it all before, we understand the challenges of the industry and we understand the market. We also believe that there is mounting nostalgia in the consumer market and in the industry for an airline which offers genuine value and makes it readily possible for families and Australians of all ages to have the chance to fly.

Air Australia’s first green and gold jet will enter service tomorrow. The airline will initially serve international leisure destinations Bali, Phuket and Honolulu and will continue to serve existing routes flown by Strategic Airlines. It will gradually transition its inflight product, web site, uniforms and airport facilities from 15 November, 2011.

The company has also been granted rights to operate services between Australia and China and Australia and the US and is in the process of doubling its pilot base and recruiting new flight attendants.

This year it also opened its own engineering subsidiary company Strategic Engineering Australia Pty Ltd to service its Airbus fleet. The Brisbane based facility has to date employed 30 new licensed aircraft maintenance engineers.

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