Expedia launches B20m Thai website

Posted on March 5, 2012


Expedia Inc, the world’s leading online travel company, has invested 20 million baht to introduce its Thai website to build brand awareness.

The Thai website, http://www.expedia.co.th, is expected to be a one-stop online shop for airline tickets and holiday packages with a best price guarantee. It’s the second full-service rollout of Expedia in Southeast Asia after Singapore last October.

“Thailand is one of the fastest growing online travel markets in this region and it plays a vital role in our growth. The launch of our Thai website reflects our commitment to the market,” said Dan Lynn, CEO of AirAsiaExpedia.

US-based Expedia joined with the Malaysian budget airline AirAsia to form a joint venture in Singapore which will look after the Thai operation as well.

In 2010, the market value of online travel booking in Thailand was US$300-400 million, mostly contributed by airline tickets, and it grew last year.

Thailand has 17.5 million internet users and over 2.5 million online shoppers.

“We see much room to grow in the Thai online travel market. More customers are going online because websites are simple, secure, and offer lots of choices and quality deals,” he said.

Expedia estimates 30 million visitors to its website per month and 200,000 transactions per day.

With its strong network and relationship with both business partners and clients, Thai tourism operators will benefit from working with Expedia, he said.

Expedia has 4,000-5,000 Thai hotels listed and plans to add more properties in the future to serve rising demand.

“Thailand is one of the more popular destinations for Expedia sites across Asia, particularly from Japan, India, and Singapore,” said Mr Lynn.

To penetrate the Thai market, the company will offer promotions every week and four to five big sales campaigns with discounts up to 40% per year to spur sales. Around 40% of its total revenue normally come from promotions. The company expects around 70% of transactions for its Thai website will come from domestic bookings.

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