Bangkok Airways brings back gourmet

Posted on June 11, 2012


Bangkok Airways has revived the offering of specially created gourmet food for its business-class passengers in a campaign to reinforce its image as a premium full-service airline.

Showing off some of the special dishes at BAC’s catering facilities at Suvarnabhumi airport are Christopher Patzold (left), executive chef at the Chedi Chiang Mai; M.L. Nandhika Varavarn (centre), a Bangkok Airways vice-president; and Alex Gares, executive chef at the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui.

The privately owned airline’s collaboration with two five-star hotels in Thailand to create in-flight menu sensations underlines its long-standing strategy of using food to appeal to its passengers and differentiate itself from other carriers.

The introduction of 12 menus created by executive chefs from the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui and the Chedi Chiang Mai is a retread of the “Exclusive Chef in the Sky by Bangkok Airways” campaign, which debuted last year.

M.L. Nandhika Varavarn, the vice-president for corporate communications, said the continuation is in response to strong feedback from last year’s debut.

A committee comprising representatives from Bangkok Airways and Bangkok Air Catering (BAC) and food critic Santi Svetavimala, also known as Mae Choy Nang Rum has chosen the best 12 dishes _ six from each hotel _ to be served on the airline’s Blue Ribbon class from July to December.

The menus from the Four Seasons Samui, which mostly combine pasta and seafood with Thai spicy flavours, will be served from July to September, while the dishes from The Chedi, a blend of Western, Thai and Indian cooking styles, are scheduled for October to December.

The dishes will be prepared by BAC, a leading air catering firm controlled by Bangkok Airways, based on recipes from the two chefs and to be available on seven routes to Male and Dhaka.

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