Thai set Smile fares

Posted on June 19, 2012


THAI Smile will kick off its domestic operations, 16 August, to Chiang Mai, Krabi and Surat Thani.

Services on the Bangkok-Phuket and Chiang Mai-Phuket will follow , 16 September.

The airline will debut its first route, Bangkok-Macau, 7 July.

THAI Smile is a so-called light premium brand and was launched to regain market share lost to low-cost airlines. The fares are pegged to appeal to passengers who cannot afford THAI’s fares, but are reluctant to fly low-cost airlines with all the associated drawbacks.

THAI Smile is already selling fares that will offer passengers 20 kg of checked baggage allowance, seat selection, mileage accrual and an in-flight snack box and drinks.

THAI Smile’s A320 will have 174 seats with 30 seats in the first five rows called ‘Smile Plus’ that offers more leg room.

Once on board, passengers will get a Smile Pack consisting of a small snack and bottled water, while Smile Plus customers will get a light meal box and bottled water. If a passenger would like a hot meal, or other drinks and snacks, they will be able to purchase them from a cart.

THAI Smile will offer a daily flight to Chiang Mai and plans to increase frequency to twice daily from 16 September. The daily flight will depart from Suvarnabhumi Airport at 1450 and return at 1630. The second daily flight will depart at 0700 and return at 1330.

The Chiang Mai roundtrip fare is pegged at Bt4,420.

During August, budget airline, Orient Thai Airlines, offers two daily flights with fares pegged at Bt2,398, roundtrip, while Nok Air sells at Bt2,980 on three daily flights. Thai AirAsia pegs its regular fares from Bt3,300 on six daily services .

The full-service carrier, Bangkok Airways, is offering a promotional fare campaign until 30 June quoting Bt2,790 for travel during August to September. Thai Airways International sells Chiang Mai from Bt4,635.

Replacing the full-service TG, THAI Smile will fly to Krabi four times daily. From Bangkok, flights will depart 0800, 1205, 1340 and 1740. The return flight will depart at 0950, 1355, 1530 and 1930. The fares are Bt5,000.

Thai AirAsia’s Krabi fare starts at Bt3,607.

Also replacing TG services, THAI Smile will serve Surat Thani two times daily. The ex-Bangkok flight will depart at 0950 and 1830. The return flights will depart at 1135 and 2015. The fare is Bt4,790.

On this route, Nok Air sells its lowest fare at Bt2,730 and Thai AirAsia at Bt2,947.

The daily Phuket flight will depart at 1530 and return at 1725. The fares start at Bt5,240.

Nok Air sells Phuket from Bt2,980, while Thai AirAsia sells at Bt3,400.

Bangkok Airways has a promotional fare to Phuket pegged at Bt3,190 for bookings until 30 June and a travel period August and September. THAI quotes Bt5,760.

The daily Chiang Mai-Phuket flight will depart at 0840 and return from Phuket at 1105. The fares are Bt4,690.

Smile Plus one-way fares are: Bt3,795 to Chiang Mai; Bt4,425 to Krabi; Bt4,135 to Surat Thani and Bt8,150, Chiang Mai-Phuket.

THAI Smile will introduce a promotional campaign called Smart Deals that will post fares for a fast sale on certain destinations for specified travel dates. For example, on Friday, 15 June, it sold its Macau fare at Bt5,065 roundtrip for travel 5 to 7 August, 6 to 8 August and 26 to 28 August. (Bt6,200 starting fare on this route).

All fares are inclusive, subject to change due to currency fluctuation and subject to availability.


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