Andaman Culture Festival scheduled for November

Posted on October 25, 2012


Thailand’s six Andaman Sea provinces are preparing for the Andaman Culture Festival, which will be held in Phuket from November 9.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has been invited to attend the gala opening at the Blue Elephant Restaurant in Phuket Town, organised by the ‘Roy Pan Meun Pee Witi Andaman’ (‘1 Billion Years of Andaman Life’) team.

Phuket Vice Governor Dr Sommai Preechasilp said this week that the event would involve the six Andaman Sea provinces – Ranong, Phang-nga, Phuket, Krabi, Trang and Satul.

“The event is aimed at enhancing tourism by focusing on the region’s customs, culture and unique character, and to build increased awareness among tourists from all corners of the world,” Dr Sommai said.

The vice governor noted a number of characteristics distinguishing the Andaman provinces from others in Thailand: “The architecture; the way of dress; the food; the various traditions – these can be publicised to tourists both Thai and foreign,” she explained.

“This is a good way to attract tourists interested in culture and tradition.”

She said the fair will be a combination “world class temple fair” and bazaar. A stage will be set up before the Blue Elephant, which is located in Phuket’s old town near Satul and Dibuk roads.

“The restaurant is a beautiful example of Sino-Portuguese architecture and will form the backdrop for characteristically Andaman music shows and other performances.”

Booths will be set up on Satul and Dibuk roads with shows displaying the six provinces’ lifestyle, local delicacies, information from various agencies, and Andaman–style handicrafts.

Musical performances will be staged at different points along the roads; including a rong ngeng dance and a sea gypsies dance.

The prime minister will be taken to the old homes on Dibuk Rd, made into a sort of millionaires’ row by Phuket’s former tin-mining tycoons, which will be attractively lit up and feature shows of “Phuket lifestyle”.

It was not reported what other events, if any, would be undertaken elsewhere in Phuket or in the various provinces, nor when the festival ends.

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