Where to Eat in Phuket : RE KÁ TA Seafood Beachfront Restaurant

Posted on December 7, 2012


If first rate food, location and ambience are necessary ingredients for a memorable occasion when dining out, then arguably there are few restaurants that can offer and present all the ingredients! One particularly fine destination is the RE KÁ TA Beachfront Restaurant, which is part of RE KÁ TA Beach Club at Boathouse, one of the few beach clubs in the south of the island. A superb selection of International dishes and delicacies set in a relaxed al fresco setting right by the beach guarantees an exquisite and enjoyable dining experience.

With a seating area set against the backdrop of the Andaman Sea and Kata Beach plus a swimming pool and modern and comfortable furniture to sink into, RE KÁ TA offers a cool and fresh ambience in which to chill and relax. The hospitality and professional service of the staff is further conducive to making any occasion spent on this chic place to dine a more pleasurable and enjoyable one.

Special cocktails offer the opportunity to ease into a relaxed state to enjoy the setting sun over the ocean and a fine dinner of seafood and the freshest local ingredients that is guaranteed to surpass all expectations!

Beautifully presented appetizers with an accompaniment of sauces offer a delightful way to begin the meal. Grilled Sea Scallops with rum jelly on a bed of diced mango and the Salmon Gravlax with chili, coriander, sugar and salt cured salmon with herb cheese and crisp bread are both moist and succulent offer delights to both the eyes and the taste buds. These delights represented a brief introduction into the chef’s exquisite food combinations.

The Grilled Seafood tray for Two offers the ideal way to sample a variety of seafood fresh from the Andaman Sea. Large prawns, lobster tails, mussels, calamari, fish and other delights are served in a two-tiered serving dish with a variety of condiments ranging from hot, sweet and sour, that help to bring out the flavour of these fruits de mer.

A magnificent setting on Kata Beach, outstanding food, and excellent service in a relaxing ambience make for a remarkable dining occasion. The perfect recipe.



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