Trat Province: new Possibilities for Luxury Asian Property Development?

Posted on February 28, 2013


There is a new rising star in the luxury real estate sector in Thailand, namely the rarely mentioned province of Trat.


Tucked away in the southern corner of the Kingdom’s border with Cambodia, Trat was until now largely overlooked by those holidaying in Thailand, let alone by those looking to invest in Asian property developments.

But all this looks set to change after a number of high profile luxury real estate projects coordinated by successful Asia development partners have put this beautiful region of Thailand on the map.

The first to cause a stir in the world of luxury Thai real estate was the launch of the Soneva Kiri Development on Koh Kood, which was awarded the Best Villa Development on the Eastern Seaboard at the Thailand Property Awards.  Some 12 months later the prize went to Siam Royal View for its Koh Chang Marina Development.

So what is it about this corner of Thailand that has become so appealing to Asia Development Partners looking for the next Phuket?

Trat Province encompasses an area of almost 3,000 square kilometers of stunning scenery in the eastern corner of Thailand, some 300 kilometers from Bangkok. Perhaps its greatest assets, apart from the precious stones such as rubies which are mined here, are the dozens of idyllic islands which lie in the Gulf of Thailand and make up much of the province.

Many of these tropical islands, surrounded by pristine coral reefs, are protected by National Park status and offer visitors the chance to explore a corner of the world which is still virtually untouched by commercialism.

Take the largest island, Ko Chang, for example. This island, the second largest in the country after Phuket, is surrounded by a further 46 islands which make up the The Ko Chang National Park.  The region is surely one of the most magnificent in Thailand, with endless white sandy beaches, exotic rain forest, waterfalls and stretches of coral reef teeming with marine life.