Best Seafood Restaurants in Phuket

Posted on March 11, 2013


Phuket is famous for its wonderful seafood dishes. The waters surrounding the island provide a plentiful supply of fish and other marine life, and the local cooks have great expertise when it comes to creating tasty dishes from these ingredients. Seafood is in the menu in most restaurants in Phuket, but there are some venues that have a particularly good reputation for this type of cuisine.

Best Seafood Restaurants in Phuket

Best Seafood Restaurants in Phuket Town

The best options in Phuket Town for seafood would include:

Laem Hin Restaurant

Laem Hin Restaurant is a couple of kilometers to the north of Phuket Town at Ko Kaeo. The seating for this restaurant is on a wooden jetty that is built over the water – it is basically a no frills Thai eatery, but the fact that it is in such a beautiful location makes it special. Diners get to enjoy watching the looking fishermen go out on their boats. The view here is excellent, but the real reason for why people go to Laem Hin is the food – it is delicious. The fish and other marine life is displayed in tanks and customers get to choose exactly what they want to eat. The service is very good even when they are busy. Laem Hin is a bit out of the way, but it is worth making the effort to go here for some of the best seafood dishes in Phuket.

Pak Nam Seafood

Pak Nam Seafood can be found on Rasadanusorn Road. This venue is very popular with Thai people, but it is not so well known among foreign visitors – the restaurant is already busy enough that they do not seem to need to advertise to tourists. Pak Nam Seafood is a real gem of a place, and they serve great seafood delights at a very reasonable price. It can be very busy here, so customers should expat to wait a bit of time for their food at these times. There is seating outside as well as inside with air conditioning.

Kru Suwit Floating Seafood Restaurant

Kru Suwit Floating Seafood Resteraunt is located not far from Laem Hin Restaurant (see above). Customers get to enjoy splendid views of sea and nearby Coconut Island. The good is cheap and very tasty. This is the type of place that people should visit at least once during a trip to Phuket – it will be something that they will remember.

Best Seafood Restaurants in Patong

Patong is the busiest tourist area in Phuket, and there are some good options for people looking for seafood including:

Savoey Seafood

Savoey Seafood is the busiest seafood restaurant in Patong, and its popularity is well deserved. It benefits from a prime location on the corner of Patong Beach Road and Bangla Road. It is an open sided venue with a pool at the back and Beach Road to the front. This place always seems to be busy even though there are 50 tables. It is therefore best to book a table in advance – this can be done online. They offer an excellent variety of seafood dishes, and they have a handy picture menu for people are not familiar with the Thai names. They also have a good wine selection that is reasonably priced.

Hemmingways Pub and Restaurant

Hemmingways Pub and Restaurant is located near to Jungceylon Shopping Center on Sai Kor Road. The offer a great selection of seafood dishes including; BBQ prawns, BBQ lobster, and Phuket Oysters – their steamed fish in lemon gravy (plaa nung manow) is particularly good. At the moment (early 2013) they have a promotion where parties of more than 10 people get a discount of 10 per cent. They also have a nice wine and cocktail menu to go along with the great food.

Patong Seafood

Patong Seafood Restaurant is located on Thaweewong Road (Beach Road). It gets crowded here in the evenings, but if it is too busy there are similar seafood places nearby. Patong Seafood is a popular place because the service is generally good, and they have a nice menu to choose from. It provides an authentic Thai dining experience.

Best Seafood Restaurants in Phuket

Best Seafood Restaurants in Karon and Kata

There are some nice seafood places to choose from in the Karon and Kata area including:

Mali Seafood Restaurant

Mali Seafood has branches in both Karon and Kata. Their Karon branch is located near to Han Lake, and their Kata branch is to the south of Kata Road. The menu offered by Mali Seafood is diverse, and they regularly add new dishes to the list. The branch in Kata is the most popular, and this venue offers a modern decor and high quality dining experience. The word mali (มะลิ) means jasmine in Thai.

Lana Resteraunt

Lana Resteraunt can be found on Patak Road in Karon – just a few minutes walk from the beach. They offer a mixed Asian menu that includes plenty of nice seafood dishes. They serve the best BBQ Prawns in Karon, and most of the items on their menu are reasonably priced. The decor inside this venue is chic and modern, and the seating is very comfortable.

Mama Seafood Kata

Mama Seafood is located right on the beach in Kata. Their BBQ prawns and lobsters are very good value for money. The decor here is nothing special, but the fact that it is right on the beach makes this less of an issue.

Best Seafood Restaurants in Other Parts of Phuket

Some of the best seafood places on the island are located away from the main tourist areas and would include:

Kan Eang@Pier

Kan Eang@Pier is to be found in Chalong Bay. This venue received a name change in 2007 (before that it was simply called Kan Eang 1) and it has been a popular choice for seafood lovers for the last thirty years. The restaurant offers an excellent panoramic view of Chalong Pier, and it is an open air venue. Their menu includes the best local seafood dishes as well as international cuisine. They also offer a nice selection of wines and seafood.

Mor Mu Dong Restaurant

Mor Mu Dong is off the beaten track, but it is well worth visiting if people are after unique seafood dishes. It is located not far from Chalong Bay on Soi Palai off Chaofah Nai Road (the turning for this is near Phuket Zoo). This interesting venue is located in the midst of mangroves, and diners get to sit in their own open air hut that is located over the water. One of the most popular seafood dishes here is sea fish in a salt crust.

Thanoon Seafood

Thanoon Seafood is close to Sarasin Bridge (this is the bridge that people cross over when they are coming to Phuket from the mainland). This venue is a real find because it is in such an idyllic area right on one of the less touristy beaches – it is unlike anywhere else in Phuket. They offer a good selection of seafood – including things like deep fried sea cicadas. Most visitors to the island will just whizz past this area when they are coming or going by land, but it is well worth stopping for a meal here if people have time.



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