Five reasons why it makes sense to invest in Thai property today

Posted on May 29, 2013


Investing in anything in today’s world is pretty scary. With the fragility of the world economy coupled with an overriding feeling of uncertainty across much of the globe, it might often seem that the only place to keep your money safe these days is under the mattress.


But we at Absolute, leading experts in properties for sale in Thailand, believe there is an alternative to safeguarding your capital. Unlike much of the western world, Thailand’s economy is surging ahead this year, making investing in properties for sale in Thailand a viable proposition for thousands.

For those of you still unconvinced, we have put together five reasons why now is the time to secure your own Thailand investment.

1.       As previously mentioned, Thailand’s economy is booming. The World Bank has forecast that the Thai economy will grow 5.3 per cent this year, while next year GDP is expected at 5 per cent.

2.       The country is also benefitting hugely from a prolonged period of political stability, which is another huge attraction for those looking for Thailand investment. Previously, the country has been rocked by 18 coups over the past eight decades. The most recent protests in 2010 led to arson attacks, military assaults and the death of more than 90 people. However, the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra appears to be making great steps towards lasting political stability.

3.       In addition, the government is ploughing trillions of baht into long-term infrastructure projects such as water-management projects, new rail projects linking north and south and a metropolitan line for Bangkok.

4.       The strength of the baht is a further factor. The baht has risen around 4 per cent against the dollar this year and is at levels not seen since the Asian financial crisis in 1997.

5.      Is Thailand the new Saint Tropez? As previously popular regions of Europe suffer from a lack of financial  stability in the Eurozone, investors – and holidaymakers – are looking for an alternative destination. And with Thailand’s beautiful beaches, tropical climate and rich cultural heritage, the country is being touted as being one of the up and coming destinations favored by the international jet set.