The Durian Fruit – Love or Loathe it?

Posted on June 18, 2013


If you have travelled to Thailand through our Vacation Club programme or under your own steam, you will no doubt have come across the Durian fruit, a large spiky green fruit known fondly by its fans as “the King of Fruits”. Piled high on stalls at the side of the road, up and down the country where our most prestigious Absolute World resorts are located, the Durian is one of the most common fruits in Thailand.


However, it is fair to say that not everyone who samples this unusual looking fruit is immediately taken by its strong flavours and distinct smell.
In fact we expect many of our Absolute World clients will actually go out of their way to avoid a confrontation with the Durian, so pungent is its odour. Even unopened the notorious Asian fruit has such a potent stench that it is banned on the Singapore train network and in most hospitals across South-East Asia.

However, many people in Thailand love the fruit with such a passion that they throw week-longfestivals across the country to celebrate the controversial crop, which grows on tall trees. For example, over the last ten days durian lovers have flocked to Chanthaburi, a town on the mainland not far from our Vacation Club resorts in Pattaya, for the World Durian Festival.
During the ten day festival fans of the fruit from across the world took part in a number of events such as Durian tasting, fruit production demonstrations and a fruit eating competition.

Below are a number of interesting facts about the Durian for those who either love – or loathe – this essential part of Thailand’s heritage:

• Durians are very healthy, with high concentrations of vitamins and minerals. They contain the B-complex vitamins as well as being rich in dietary fibre and high in vitamin C, potassium, essential amino acid, copper, iron, and magnesium.
• It has been called the King of Fruits because of its enormous size, heavy weight, and the amount of fruit it contains.
• Because of its weight and sharp spikes, falling Durians kill a number of people every year.
• Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of Durian.

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