Phuket’s Hungry Ghost Festival

Posted on August 29, 2013


Thailand is not only the Land of Smiles but a country of colorful festivals, so those of you coming on a vacation club holiday to this magical part of the world are in for a real treat.

Most months there are a string of festivities which erupt up and down the country, with Phuket being the venue for one of our particular favorites this month: the Hungry Ghost Festival.

This month-long fiesta is celebrated across Southeast Asia and is better known as the Por Tor Festival in Phuket, home to a number of our premier luxury properties available to rent through Club Absolute.

The idea behind this hugely popular festival, which will this year run from 21st August until 27th September, is to offer special food, flowers and candles to the ghosts of ancestors who are released from hell for the month.

These friendly ghouls are appeased with special gifts such as turtle cakes which are made especially for the festival. In Thailand, the turtle symbolizes longevity and by giving these cakes, worshippers believe they are ensuring their own long life.

Many of the events organized for Por Tor take place at the family home, with elaborate meals being laid out for deceased relatives. Traditionally, plates of rice are set around the table for each of the visiting ghosts with a stick of incense planted in the middle. Once the incense has burned all the way through, the family members can start to eat as it means the ghosts have finished eating.

Club Absolute clients in Phuket might not be in a position to join in these private family ceremonies but they will be able to indulge in a few of the turtle cakes during their holiday in a vacation club this month.

Called ang ku, the cakes represent good luck and wisdom as well as longevity, and one of the best places to buy the delicacies is at the Keng Tin Bakery, Phuket’s oldest bakery on Phuket Road.

Other festival events in which Club Absolute clients can participate are the two parades which take place on the island in August. The first parade in which a Por Tor god image will be carried through Phuket Town will take place on August 23rd, whilst the second will take place on August 30th.

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