Why did you choose to live in Phuket?

Posted on September 10, 2013


If you have been living and working in Asia half your life, would you want to go back to live in Europe – or anywhere – where the temperature can drop below 10ºC?

Most Westerners would not want to endure the harsh cold winters of their origin country and would rather bask in 32º sunshine all day long. Thus expatriates in Asia usually look initially for a place for short holidays, but also with a long-term aim of finding a place in Asia to retire or use as a home base.

So, why Phuket? Here’s a check list:

Location: It may not be as centrally located as Hong Kong but within an hour or so it’s possible from Phuket to reach Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, and these international hubs offer hundreds of flights to Europe, North America, the Middle East or virtually anywhere in the world.

More and more airlines are now inaugurating or increasing direct routes to and from Phuket. With the ongoing expansion of Phuket International Airport we can expect even more choice.

Weather: Warm, sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine with an average temperature of 29º to 36ºC all year long. Phuket has basically two: hot and rainy. But even in the rainy season, it doesn’t rain the whole day long. Rather, showers alternate with sunshine throughout the day, making it really quite pleasant and cool.

Food: Thai food, with its rich, spicy flavours, is one of the world’s most amazing foods. From street stalls to fine dining restaurants you can find it all right here in Phuket. If you need home food from time to time, then you have a choice of German, Italian, Belgian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Indian… the list goes on. Phuket caters to all.

Supermarkets around the island stock up on almost every comfort food you miss from home including, for example, the one thing Australians cannot do with out (but the rest of the world has never heard of) – Vegemite.

Beaches: The white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea are renowned throughout the world. With more than 10 long beaches around the island and many smaller ones to explore, from Mai Khao Beach in the north to famed Patong Beach to Nai Harn Beach in the south of the island. And that doesn’t include the hundreds of islands just off Phuket, many of which also have beaches.

Cost: You may hear the occasional grumble that Phuket is so expensive now. Well if you are comparing it to when the Thai baht was 70 to the pound Sterling – a decade ago – then yes it will feel more expensive. After all, the baht is now around 48 to the pound.

Overall, the average living cost in Phuket is slightly higher than in other parts of Thailand because most of the agricultural produce comes from the central parts of Thailand.

On the other hand if you compare prices with Europe, the USA or even Hong Kong where else will you be able to get a delicious, mouth-smacking plate of fried rice for B50? That’s the equivalent of US$ 1.60 or €1.20. Now that isn’t that stretching your hard-earned money.

So need we say more? Phuket is and always will be a highly desirable destination for a host of reasons, and that includes a place to set up home.

Amy Koh is the Sales Manager of Engel & Völkers Phuket. For more information visit engelvoelkers.com/th
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