Samui Green Market

Posted on September 18, 2013


On Saturday 21st of September you will have the opportunity to visit the Samui Green Market that will be held near the Peace resort opposite the Anantara Resort in Bophud or west of the Bandara Resort on opposite side of the road and in front the ‘Island Girl’ and ‘Favorite Things’ shops.


Can we live a healthy organic and chemical-free life on our island? It’s not easy, but what’s the best we can do? Maybe this idea can be a ‘seed’ idea for more likewise events/markets around the island.

At this market you will be able host a table to sell any home-grown or homemade healthy products, show your support for feeding and nurturing yourself without harming the environment and sign up for a cooperate buying scheme.

The market will offer products that wherever possible are chemical free, organic, locally grown, homemade, healthy and kind to animals. There is so much to gain by joining the market, but please remember to take your own shopping bags, there will definitely be no shopping bags there!

There is so much to gain here – better health for ourselves and others, and a stronger community…
Samui’s green market will offer products that are wherever possible:
* chemical-free
* organic
* locally-grown
* home-made
* good for us and delicious (chocolate is definitely allowed!)
* kind to animals and the planetCome and share your vision of how to make this work.

This is the UN Day of Peace, and has been celebrated on Samui since 2007 when we started Samui Mala.

Come shop and eat with us, in peace…


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