Phuket’s island wide beach cleanups dubbed a success

Posted on September 23, 2013


More than 1,000 Phuket people hit their local beaches on Friday and Saturday to take part in a large island-wide beach cleanup.

The cleanup was titled the “Phuket Island Big Clean”, part of the global “Clean up the World” weekend, which is held in September every year.

Environmental group SEEK co-founder Nick Anthony told The Phuket News between 1,000 and 1,500 people attended cleanups.

“It was a great success, we were so heartened that there was such a fantastic turnout of local people, from local communities. Phuket’s Green Clubs are starting to gather real momentum.”

As for how much rubbish was collected, figures would be finalised in a few days.

“I haven’t done the totals yet but I have got numbers in from Karon, Kamala, Bang Tao and Nai Thon.

“To give you an idea, in Tri Trang beach, around 30 people cleaned 200 metres of the beach and collected 45 bags of garbage. On average one bag of garbage is around 10 kilos, so they would have collected around 450 kilos off Tri Trang Beach. So we are talking large numbers for the whole of Phuket.”

Mr Anthony said one positive thing to come out of the cleanup was the support for the Green Clubs.

“We are starting six new clubs in Patong, Mai Khao, Kata, Surin and Karon, which will join the existing six active ones we have already.”

The weekend cleanup also marked the start of the local “Magic Eyes” litter campaign, which will be rolled out across Phuket to discourage people from dropping trash.

“The way to encourage change in Thailand is you don’t point the finger, you encourage people and educate, and bring people in softly,” Mr Anthony explained.

“The Magic Eyes icon is a cartoon character set of eyes – the concept being wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, someone is watching. It’s a play on karma and doing good.”

Magic Eyes signs have already been set up in Phuket Town, Kamala and Bang Tao, and more will be put on Phuket beaches soon.

Also other Green Clubs will be following the lead of Kamala, which has 10 recycling stations set up in the area.

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