Absolute Review : Kuay Teaw Rue

Posted on October 18, 2013


Noodle or Kuay Teaw can be regarded as one of the Thai national dishes. You can find it in all variety and in every part of Thailand. How complicated can this be? It can be as complicated as ordering coffee at Starbucks actually. Ordering a bowl of noodle soup is pretty much the same!


If you walk into a noodle shop and order “One Kuay Teaw” or in Thai “Kuay Teaw Charm Neung” – the question to follow is “With Soup or Dry?” (Nam Rue Hang). Then the guy will give up asking considering you won’t understand him anyway… and decide on your behalf what you should have.

This Absolute Review comes from Anucharaporn (Rinky) Tongluan the Senior HR Manager in Thailand for the Absolute World Group. Rinky has decided to review the Kuay Teaw Rue Local Noodle Stall which is located near the Tesco Lotus traffic lights in Phuket town on the way to the Samkong neighborhood.


Rinky is an avid patron of this particular local noodle stall. She says the staff are friendly and the food is cheap. he particularly likes that you can choose as many vegetables as you want to go in your soup at no extra charge. She also said that on Tuesdays the stall runs a noodles special – 49THB for all you can eat. Rinky wants to recommend this stall to our guests who are out and about in town and looking for that authentic Thai experience. She is sure that the guests will not only appreciate the delicious taste of the noodles, but they’ll also be shocked at how cheap it is to eat here.



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