Absolute Review : Binkies

Posted on November 15, 2013


This review comes from our Absolute World Group graphic designers Bunggee & Mint. They were looking for Northern-style food, and they found it!

Binkies is a local restaurant in Phuket’s Old Town district. Located just near the Thai Hua Museum on Krabi road, Binkies serves a variety of noodle dishes as well as pizzas. The restaurant is moderately decorated, and has an open air feel to it. Cute red and white checkered table cloths add to the simple, cozy atmosphere.

Bunggee & Mint had this to say about the restaurant:

“They have very nice local northern food like Khao Soi (Northern noodles with curry soup) and Kanomjin-Nam-Ngeow (Spicy Northern noodles with pork). We were delighted to find our favourite dishes from home right here in Phuket. We’d recommend this restaurant to anyone who has never traveled to the Northern part of Thailand and is interested in trying the cuisine. Binkies is affordable and located in one of the nicest areas of the Old Town. For any of our Absolute guests who are spending the day touring around town, this makes for a delicious lunch break.”

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