Tribes – an Evening with JP Dutilleux

Posted on December 2, 2013


Rarely do we get such a unique opportunity such as this Fridays presentation “Tribes – an Evening with JP Dutilleux”, to engage directly with the man behind the book, the camera, the tribes.


Tribes only newly found, yet already on the brink of being lost forever.“Fascinated since his first contact in 1973 with the “First World” (generic name he prefers to name all indigenous tribes), Jean-Pierre Dutilleux devotes his life to film and photograph isolated ethnic groups in Asia, Africa, Papua and South America to try and keep a record of their ancient cultures and traditions, promote their land rights and their human rights.”

Join us this Friday at 7pm to meet JP and hear his tales of the amazing places he’s traveled and the people he’s discovered there. A living legend himself, JP has devoted his life to documenting these peoples and building global awareness of their plight as their lifestyles are constantly compromised in line with their environments.

Although only limited copies are currently available in Phuket, JP’s latest book “Tribes/Tribus” will be on sale at the presentation and, if bought on the night, personally signed by JP!

Venue : Atmanjai,  Rawai, Phuket

Entry is 100 baht, which includes a glass of wine.
For more information about JP please visit his website:

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