Post cards from Thailand

Posted on January 8, 2014


We got married two years ago. Our dream was to see the world at its best before we settle down. We didn’t make any plans before setting off. The only thing we knew was that we wanted to travel. So we did. Amy used to study Thai in SOAS in the university of London. We thought – why wouldn’t we use these language skills to explore an amazing Thailand.

So the first step off the beaten track was in Prachuap Khiri Khan. We arrived late in the evening on a train. The town was peaceful and quiet. We’ve started a room hunting by popping in every place we thought was worth our attention.


We found a beautiful guest house built in old Spanish style. The communal bathroom was located on the balcony at the top of the house, so you could enjoy the look of a life in town while you’re brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Staying there costed us peanuts – like everything else in Prachuap.

The night market was the beating heart of the town. It was filled up with funky fresh and delicious sea food, where we could get a plate for less then two dollars. Friendly locals would never make you believe you need a new pair of sun glasses or useless key chain while you eat. They would let you try their products and you wouldn’t even try to bargain because you feel you’re not getting rip off. Have a chat with them and let them know we are humans too.

One day a great noise woke us up pretty early in the morning. Kids from the local schools were rehearsing for the parade. Elementary school girls wore their fancy dresses and strong make up while boys had their uniforms on. They were marching through the town, proudly carring and playing all types of instruments. The sounds of music spread all over the place with a rhytmic drum beat: dum dabado dum dum tss! It was really cute.

There was also a “Monkey Queen“(that’s how we named her) living in the town. She used to feed these little cheeky creatures encouraging them to steal! Local monkeys got so sly that they would take a chance of grabbing your noisy plastic bag out of your hand and have a snack you just got yourself. You couldn’t even try to fight!


We climbed up to the temple to enjoy the great view of the beach and the town. Happy to get away from monkeys we tried to enjoy our ice cold water. Unfortunately our joy didn’t last for long. Once they’ve spotted us the bottle was gone. It stayed untwisted, so we were satisfied that the monkey wouldn’t have a clue how to deal with it. How wrong we were! The cheeky animal untwisted the lid with its teeth, used both hands and one leg to hold the bottle and drank the water in front of us! How mean! On the way back the Monkey Queen was surrounded by the youngsters that waited for a piece of fruit she was selling to the tourists. We got a strange feeling, that if we resist to buy it she will let the monkeys chase us all the way down. But luckily she didn’t.

At the far end of town there is a fishermans village. It’s also a beginning of a hard but nice walking track in the jungle. Luckily we’ve changed flip flops to proper shoes because the track turned out to be fishermans path to the edge of the rocky peninsula. We got so confused! It wasn’t a loop track, but literally a dead end – but worth seeing. Lazy waves were bouncing up and down up to the horizon, and the sun decided to give up and call it a day. We had to hurry up to climb back. It was too far to walk from the village to the town because we were so tired. We stopped a motorcycle and asked the guy if he could give us a lift. It’s a funny experience to sit in the “cargocycle” and enjoy the night breeze from the ocean.

Why would we choose to stay in top rated towns, which would only make our wallet thinner and leave us with the “hangover” feeling. Places like Prachuap Khiri Khan taught us that with a little dose of creativity and a big amount of a will to explore the world, you can make your own paths. We chose to stay out the beaten track until the end of our 20 months journey. Not only in Thailand. How to do it? Find a town. Get there. Feel it. Let it inspire you.

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