Off the Beaten Path : Wua Art Gallery & Studio

Posted on January 30, 2014


While wandering the Old Town District of Phuket, you must visit the Wua Art Gallery & Studio located on Phang Nga Road. A colorful shop house filled with minimalist paintings, the gallery & studio buildings are also home to Mr. Zen, his wife Pui and their budding artist daughter, Dina.

Mr. Zen is one of Thailand’s most sought after original artists. A lanky man with a kind demeanor, he has displayed and held exhibitions all throughout Asia and Europe. His minimalist paintings often showcase one man deep in thought. Much like Mr. Zen himself, who quietly says he is a student of art, always observing and learning.

Both buildings that encompass the Wua Art Gallery & Studio are inviting places. Warmly Welcome to Walk Inside is painted across the window, and when you do head inside, you’ll see a variety of oil paintings on canvas, small sculptures from driftwood, a variety of hanging lamps and chairs, and creative little works from Mr. Zen and Pui’s daughter, Dina, scattered across the gallery.

The Wua Art Gallery & Studio is open until 10:00pm each evening. Stop in for a look and a chat. Mr. Zen and his family are happy to sit and talk about art, or are also offer advice on what to see and do in and around the Old Town District.

For more information on the Wua Art Gallery & Studio, please visit

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