Absolute Review : Thai Roti

Posted on January 31, 2014


One of the staple street foods of Thailand is roti. Generally known as an Indian flatbread, roti in Thailand is served a number of ways.

The most recognizable roti vendor is the one who drives a roti cart. These vendors are found on virtually every street corner in Thailand. Considered the less traditional, albeit more popular version, this type of roti is usually made with banana & egg and drizzled with sweetened condensed milk. Often referred to as banana pancakes, this type of roti is a delicious, inexpensive snack; a banana pancake plate usually only costs 30THB. An added plus of this type of roti is that often times the vendors offer such toppings as chocolate, mango, strawberries, and nutella. Adding these toppings to your banana pancake is definitely a treat.

Another type of roti in Thailand is perhaps less recognizable but more traditional. This type of roti is served without the banana, egg and condensed milk. This traditional roti is generally served with a chicken curry dipping sauce, or a spicy fish curry. More similar to an authentic Indian flatbread, this roti can be found in many a roadside stall or small Thai Muslim restaurants all over Thailand. A savory dish, it’s a local breakfast favorite especially when accompanied by a hot coffee.

We recommend you try both types of roti while on holiday in Thailand. One is sweet, and the other savory – both versions of roti are delicious, inexpensive and offer up a real taste of Thailand.

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