15th Annual Phuket Old Town Festival

Posted on February 8, 2014


The 15th annual Phuket Old Town Festival kicked off in style with a grand parade that wound through the streets of Phuket’s unique old town district. Elegant traditional dress and immaculate hair and make-up adorned many of the island’s gorgeous residents as Phuket’s culture was displayed.

The parade showcased traditional dress from the Thai, Thai-Chinese, Muslim and Sea Gypsy communities, as well as focused on the traditions of the Phuket Baba Wedding. Chinese acrobats walked on stilts, and various Chinese shrines from around the island offered up their best dragon dances.

Each year, the parade kicks off the festival. It is truly an interesting time to wander the streets of Phuket’s old town district as many local residents open up their Sino-Portuguese style homes to the public, local cuisines can be tasted and on various street corners, the art work is so elaborate & vintage that it is easy to believe you have actually stepped back in time to a page of Phuket’s history.

The festival runs until Sunday 9 February 2014, and it is surely not to be missed!

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