Phuket Old Town Sketcher 2014

Posted on February 13, 2014


On February 8th2014, Phuket’s The Attitude Club held the Sketchwalk Workshop, where attendees got the chance to learn how to sketch with watercolors. The Attitude Club was honored to have skilled watercolors sketcher Mr. Thiwawat Pataragulwanit on hand to guide attendees on how to start sketching and shared painting tips for the beginners.

Phuket Old Town Sketcher 2014In addition to the workshop, in order to support the Phuket Old Town Festival 2014, held during February 7th – 9th, 2014, The Attitude Club was invited by Phuket municipality to organize the Phuket Old Town Sketchwalk 2014 which was attended by famous artists from Penang and Bangkok who came to sketch the old town and exhibit their art pieces at Phuket Thai Hua Museum. The exhibition runs until February 28th 2014.

Phuket Old Town Sketcher 2014

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