TAT introduce Thailand Travel Shield

Posted on July 28, 2014


Tourists planning a visit to Thailand can now buy additional online insurance cover, known as Thailand Travel Shield from three leading Thai insurance companies.

The scheme designed to restore confidence and fill a gap for visitors who cannot insure their trip to Thailand has been established by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in cooperation with four insurance companies; Muang Thai Insurance, Chao Phaya Insurance, Siam City Insurance, and Krungthai Panich Insurance.

Feedback from the tourism industry indicated travellers were facing obstacles taking out insurance cover for their holidays to Thailand after the military coup 22 May and a declaration of martial law which is still in place.

Travel firms worldwide find it more difficult to insure their clients as martial law is identified as an exclusion by many insurance companies. It wil cost more to overide the exclusion clauses.

Earlier, tourism officials in Thailand hinted that the government might take out insurance to cover the possibility of a disruption of travel in the country. A similar scheme was introduced after protesters closed Bangkok’s two gateway airports in 2008, to shore up confidence.

However, this time round TAT, rather than Ministry of Tourism and Sports, has delivered a user-pay solution that offers travellers an option to beef up their insurance cover when visiting Thailand.

Effective last Friday, 2014, visitors can now buy, ahead of their visit to Thailand, insurance cover online for a broad range of unforeseen events ranging from accidents, trip cancellation, loss or damage of baggage / personal belongings and emergency hotel accommodation.

The policy provides cover of THB1 million for a premium as low as THB650, and up to THB2 million for a premium of THB1,100. The minimum cover is for 60 days, but there are options for travellers who make multiple trips to Thailand over one year.

The basic THB650 package comes with medical and sickness cover not exceeding THB1 million. In the event of death by accident, loss of limb or mobility the pay out is THB1 million.

A trip cancellation pays out up to THB15,000 and travel delays of more than six hours pay out THB3,000 a day not exceeding THB12,000.

There is no mention of medical evacuation but travel assistance service needs are covered up to THB10,000.

For a hijack the insurance pays out THB2,000 for the first 12 hours and beyond that not exceeding THB20,000.

Commenting on the project TAT governor, Thawatchai Arunyik said: “It creates an alternative insurance scheme that can be offered to visitors … This will ensure that travellers enjoy their visit to the kingdom with great peace of mind, knowing that should anything go wrong, they’ll be covered.”

In addition, everyone purchasing this insurance can take advantage of 24-hour emergency assistance offered by the well-known Allianz Global Assistance.

Medical and Travel Assistance Services will allow visitors to get pre-trip information; such as, inoculation, weather, exchange rates, telephone medical advice, medical service provider referral, assistance in case of loss of luggage/passport assistance, and embassy referral.

Visitors buying the scheme are also advised to read the fine print to see what is excluded. They include: Accidents while under the influence of alcohol; indulging in extreme sports (rock climbing, scuba diving, cycling) travel or commuting by motorcycle and getting involved in public brawls.

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