Thailand Expects Record Tourist Arrivals

Posted on June 24, 2015


Thailand expects 29.5 million tourists this year, up 19 percent from 2014, with almost a quarter of the visitors coming from China following a surge in bookings.

Accounting for 10 percent of the economy, tourism had suffered in 2014 as some foreign governments issued warnings against non-essential travel to Thailand due to political unrest and a military coup.

But the sector is once again growing as the military-led government has restored some stability.

Visitors from China are expected to be a record 7.45 million this year, up nearly 62 percent from 2014.

“Thailand is considered the top destination for Chinese travellers,” Ittirit Kinglek, president of the Tourism Council of Thailand said.

“We will see more growth in the Chinese market. It will still be the main market that will help us when other markets are facing difficulty,” he said.

The Thai government has issued thousands of Chinese-language etiquette manuals in response to growing complaints over Chinese tourists’ behaviour during recent months.

Tourist arrivals in May totalled 2.3 million, with more visiting in June.

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