Bangkok security “under complete control”, government tells tourists

Posted on August 26, 2015


The Thai government has moved to reassure visitors to the country, following last week’s deadly bomb attack in Bangkok.

Despite the fact that police appear no closer to catching the bomber, the government said it wanted visitors to know that the situation is “under complete control”.

Addressing the media, Major General Sansern Kaewkamnerd (pictured inset), a spokesperson for the Thai government, said; “Additional security personnel both in uniform and plainclothes have been deployed to patrol every area, so as to accord maximum security to the general public.

“In addition, the Royal Thai Government would like to convey to all foreigners who are planning on travelling to Thailand, be they for tourism, trade, educational or business purposes, or MICE, that the government shall be doing its utmost to provide a safe and secure environment for the duration of your stay.”

Meanwhile, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has been doing its best to reassure visitors, by releasing images of life in Bangkok “continuing as normal”. The TAT is also planning to celebrate the arrival of Thailand’s “luckiest visitor” on Wednesday, to mark the country’s 20 millionth international visitor of the year.

Despite these efforts however, many visitors to Thailand may not feel safe until the bomber has been caught – or at least identified.

While the government has been keen to return Bangkok to a sense of normality, some have criticised the speed with which the crime scene was cleaned up, suggesting that the vital pieces of evidence could have been overlooked. The Erawan Shrine, where the bomb was placed, reopened to the public less than 48 hours after the attack.

The hunt for the mysterious man in the yellow t-shirt, who is believed to be the bomber, continues, but police commissioner Sriwara Rangsipramanakul was quoted saying on Sunday that police “haven’t found any suspects [in] connection with the bombing at all”.

Although Maj. Gen. Sansern said the “relevant action taken to bring the perpetrators to justice”

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