THAI goes social

Posted on September 4, 2015


Thai Airways International has launched a brand new website to provide travel-related information to passengers and serve as a marketing tool.

Speaking at the website’s launch, Thursday, THAI digital commercial department vice president, Chutintorn Srisitikum, said the new website would support THAI’s main website, as a channel to drive passengers to the booking site and provide background information to promote travel options.

“The new website features ‘Your Travel Buddy with’ content that offers destination information, lifestyle activities and events for passengers…it will respond to customer needs for travel and will act as a one-stop service.”

The website’s content is in both Thai and English.

inside no 4The airline’s digital marketing and customer management director, Pariya Chulkaratana, noted that the site would provide information on destinations, restaurants, shopping venues as well as transportation and real time weather forecasts.

The biggest challenge will be updating content to make sure it is current and responding to customer questions in a timely fashion. There are substantial costs involved in creating reliable content and more costs involved in updating it consistently.

“To add variety, there will be bloggers who will review and share their travel experiences under ‘Blogs’ category for customers, while the airline crew and pilots will also offer their travel experiences under the ‘Postcards’ section.”

In addition, the website covers other content such as features published in Sawasdee magazine, duty-free sales online, entertainment onboard and airline news.

The website co-content developer Mass Connect managing director, Ali Ziani, claimed the website would respond to the latest digital trends to reach customers.

“Our team will provide tourism contents including fashion, lifestyle, news and promotions covering 70 destinations worldwide on the website…servers are available in seven prime locations namely in Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, London, New York, Manhattan, and Tokyo.”

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