Thailand tackles jet ski scams

Posted on November 3, 2015


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced new measures to tackle the notorious jet ski scams in Pattaya.

In partnership with local authorities, the tourism board has established new guidelines for jet ski operators in Pattaya, and set up a new Jetski Tourist Assistance Centre for tourists who believe that they have been scammed.

Jet ski scams have attracted global attention in recent years. They usually involve unscrupulous operators ordering tourists to pay large sums of money for alleged damage to the jet skis. In some instances, tourists have been threatened with violence for refusing to pay.

To combat this, jet ski operators on several beaches in and around Pattaya will requested to take part in a new insurance scheme, with stickers placed on the front of each jet ski detailing its service area, zoning and number. The insurance will cover any damage or expenses that may occur during the tourist’s ride. And if conflicts do arise, tourists will be able to contact the Jetski Tourist Assistance Centre.

The scheme will be introduced on the beaches at Pattaya, Wongamart, Najomtien and Ko Lan.

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