Scorching heat wave in Thailand is longest in 65 years

Posted on April 28, 2016


Animals at Bangkok’s zoo are being fed special frozen fruit pops. People are flocking to shopping malls just to soak up the air-conditioning. Authorities are telling people to stay out of the blazing sun to avoid heat stroke.

April in Thailand is typically hot and sweaty, but this year’s scorching weather has set a record for the longest heat wave in at least 65 years.

The average peak temperature each day this month has been above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, with the mercury spiking one day to 111.7 F — just short of the all-time record.

The heat wave has also fueled a new record for energy consumption and prompted health warnings on everything from foodborne illness to drowning, both of which rise every April when Thailand’s hottest month coincides with school summer break.

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