Chillva Market brings fun, food and excitement to Phuket

Posted on May 10, 2016


After a successful soft-opening, Phuket’s newest container market is officially open to the general public.

Located off of Yaowarat Road, the 20-million-baht Chillva Market’s pi่ece de resistance is a shipping container park, situated around a central bandstand and pond. Phakanan Daowatthanakij, the owner, said that the market is arranged into three zones by stall type: a tent zone sells homemade goods and local art, container shops sell trendy clothing and cocktails, while hawker stalls feature eateries serving Thai street food as well as food from upscale cafes in Phuket Town.

“We have local snacks, Thai food, Western food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, clothes and accessories shops,” Mr Phakanan said. “But the highlight is definitely the container bars, which have two floors, and make a great place to chill out with friends with a few drinks.”

Mr Phakanan said the cost to rent a container was 5,000 baht per month, while the rental price for a stall was 270 baht per day.

“We have been receiving positive feedback so far within this space, and should get a return on the investment back within two years,” he said.

Mr Phakanan’s private investment into the Chillva market, however, hasn’t been without its setbacks.

“The first day, we had some problems with our parking area being too small,” Mr Phakanan said. “However, we’ve solved that problem by renting 1.5 rai of land for additional parking.”

Despite opening the same day as Indi Market in Phuket Town and the Naka Weekend Market, Mr Phakanan said he expects customers to be drawn to Chillva for it’s relaxed atmosphere and novel approach.

“It’s a unique idea, using containers to highlight selling booths,” Mr Phakanan said. “We designed the space to have a pond in the middle of the market, and a stage with live music nearby with a seating area.”

“Location is also very important. We’re located in the middle of the city, so people can easily reach us from anywhere, whether they live in Kathu, Phuket Town or Samkong.”

Chillva Market is open 4-10pm, Thursday-Sunday and the container shops open daily.

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