Ixina heats up Phuket kitchen market

Posted on July 11, 2016


The Ixina Phuket store, located right at the front of the Bypass Biz Town business estate, is the first in the country, and with good reason, said Managing Director David L’Helgoualch.

“Bangkok is a big market, but Phuket has the volume and the clientele we are looking for. We will get settled here first, then we can start looking at opening other branches throughout the country.

“Our biggest market will be retail, and we will be targeting individual home, condo and apartment owners,” he explained.

Ixina worldwide has more than 300 showrooms in more than 30 countries, and is currently in the midst of a huge international expansion. With 40 years’ experience as kitchen specialists, Ixina in 2016 alone is opening 15 branches worldwide in no less than nine countries, including Canada.

“Next year we will open in China and Australia,” Mr L’Helgoualch added.

Highlighting the depth of coverage Ixina may gain in Thailand, he noted, “My home country, France, is the same size as Thailand, and there are 90 branches in France alone.”

Asked why the global push this year, Mr L’Helgoualch said, “We provide excellent products and service, the training programmes for our staff are excellent, and the time is right.”

The kitchens range from an easily affordable B60,000 right up to B2 million for ultra-high-end creations. “And because we deal directly with the factory, customers get the best price at the start,” Mr L’Helgouach said.

Opening the door to the Phuket market is the quality of kitchens already provided. “Many condo owners are not happy with their standard kitchens. The quality is lacking. They start falling apart after just one year – worse so if the condo has been rented out to a variety of holidaymakers. Often the quality of materials and workmanship is poor and the wear and tear is too much,” Mr L’Helgoualch said.

“A key difference in the product quality is the production process. It is important to point out that we do not deal in ‘flat pack’. Flat pack means the composite will have holes where the screws go in to assemble the units, and these holes allow the humidity in Phuket to get inside the unit and warp the boards,” he explained.

“This simply does not happen with our units because they do not have these holes. Our units are heat fused in a factory near Dusseldorf – and tested to ensure they pass European standards – and then shipped as single units. And this is why our guarantee is for five years.”

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