Art From the Sea – Niran’s Driftwood Gallery

Posted on January 16, 2014


A visit to Phuket would be incomplete without taking a look at the charm and eclectic, hippie chic of the south. The small lanes leading from the main roads into Nai Harn and Rawai are a labyrinth of artistic flair and home to music studios, sculpture gardens, art studios and galleries, and a staggering array of attractive curios that you won’t want to miss.

Many of the artists and Thai locals in the area have made it their ambition to preserve the local culture of Phuket and Thailand and you will observe a great deal of the heritage and tradition that has made Thailand the magnificent Kingdom it is today. One such artist is Niran Chanhom, owner of, Niran’s Driftwood Gallery.

Originally from Chiang Mai, in the northern part of Thailand, Niran, relocated to Phuket a number of years ago because of his love for the sea, and it was fruit from the sea in the form of driftwood that became the means to release the marvel’s creativity and express his spectacular artistic flair.

Gentle and softly spoken, Niran’s tender nature makes you feel at home and at ease. Extremely polite, Niran is happy to show you around his gallery, make you a cup of coffee and sit down and chat with you about art, politics or travels. The wise man himself is indeed, a work of art in motion, seeing his eyes light up and his humble joy as a visitor compliments his work is itself, a masterpiece.

When he is not in his gallery you will often see Niran at the Rawai seafront, walking in the shallow water collecting driftwood. Whatever the size, the artist will take it back and store it in his gallery until he is inspired to use it in another of his remarkable compositions.

Niran’s Driftwood Gallery is open every day. You’ll find his brightly colored gallery across from the Sinbi Muay Thai Training Camp, on the Soi Saiyuan road leading to Kata hill. Please do stop in if you are in the area; it’s enchanting to meet such a wonderful man, have a cup of coffee, a chat and observe such beautiful creations made of driftwood. All in one place!

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